22 FEBRUARY 2020

Conditions: Turf. Summer course 2800m in circumference with 600m run-in. Winter course 2700m with 450m run-in. Races up to 1200m testing straight course (1200m races are occasionally run round the turn, starting on the Summer course and ending on the Winter course); beyond 1200m anti-clockwise round turn.

Top Jockey: R Fourie 315-62 (19.68%)-117, B Fayd'Herbe 213-35 (16.43%)-79, G Cheyne 292-34 (11.64%)-111, M Byleveld 297-33 (11.11%)-84

Top Trainer: S J Snaith 745-96 (12.89%)-256, B Crawford 394-57 (14.47%)-144, C Bass-Robinson 507-52 (10.26%)-174, V H Marshall 315-34 (10.79%)-97

Draw: Low-numbers draws slightly preferred all races. Wet going can impact on draw in races down the straight.

Allowances: X Jacobs (4.0), L Tarentaal (2.5).