This is the InterBet website ("this website") operated by InterBet International (Pty) Ltd 2000/011570/07 Unit 16, Roeland Square. Roeland Street, Cape Town, 8001 Phone +27 21 4657340 ("Interbet").

Interbet is the holder of both a bookmaker and manufacturer license as issued by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

It is illegal to place bets via the Internet in some jurisdictions. Interbet does not warrant that the laws applying to the location where you place a bet permit you to place that bet via this website.

You may not open an account, activate an interbet account or place a bet on this website unless you are 18 years of age or older. Minors may not under any circumstances use this website.

When you open an account on this website and every time you place a bet on this website you warrant that:

Terms and Conditions

In order to avail yourself of the services offered by Interbet you must complete the online registration process. It is the responsibility of every client to ensure that he/she complies with all applicable laws, regulations and rules with regards to gambling or otherwise.

Furthermore, clients must make themselves aware of all the rules and regulations affecting any event on which they wish to place a bet. Interbet reserves the right to amend these rules, regulations, terms and conditions at any time. Any such revision will be binding and effective immediately.

By clicking on the 'accept' button after entering your username and password you are indicating that you agree and warrant that you have read and understood these rules, regulations, terms and conditions and that you further agree to abide such and to be bound thereby.

If you do not agree to each and every term of this agreement, click the 'decline' button.

Interbet reserves the right to refuse any application without any further correspondence or giving any reason therefor. If there is any change regarding your personal details, you must inform us as soon as possible.

150% match on first deposit up to R5000

Refund Policy

This refund policy relates to the refunding of bets matched by the system.

Insofar as clients wishing to withdraw credit balances not subject to any ongoing dispute from their accounts, Interbet will deposit such funds directly into the client's bank account.

Upon registration all clients will be provided with a username and password, which will be required to place bets on the system.

All transactions conducted on the system under the username and password of the client shall be deemed to have been conducted by the client.

A bet shall only be regarded as being processed when recorded on the audit trail. The audit trail can be cross-referenced by a unique digital signature (ticket number) that will be issued to the client by Interbet in respect of each transaction processed by Interbet.

Notwithstanding the contents of the audit trail, tickets generated and the matched bets report which normally deem proof of the transaction, Interbet reserves the right, at their discretion, to correct any obvious errors and to take any necessary steps to protect the interests of all Interbet clients.

For example, if an event fails to be closed for betting at the correct time, Interbet reserves the right to void all bets matched after the actual start time. Clients however, may not cancel matched bets.

Account Funding

All transactions take place in South African Rands.

To deposit funds into your account you may make use of the following options:

  1. Internet transfer (EFT) direct to Interbet banking account
  2. VISA and Mastercard credit card deposit
  3. Send a cheque
  4. Bank deposit

Account Funding

1. Internet Transfer

  1. Open your STANDARD BANK, ABSA BANK, NEDBANK or FIRST NATIONAL BANK internet banking website.
  2. Create a beneficiary in the name of Interbet Legends Bet using the banking details as detailed below.
  3. To facilitate easy identification, please use your Interbet username as a reference.


Account name: Interbet Public
Account number: 1232122904
Branch: Business Southern Peninsula
Branch code: 123209
Reference: Please use your Interbet username

Once you have captured the transaction, please fax the confirmation slip to (021) 4616414 or email to support@interbet.co.za.

2. Credit Cards

We accept VISA card and Mastercard. Internet credit card transactions are "Verified by VISA" and "Mastercard Securecode" protected.

Because Interbet clients benefit from the opportunity to bet at more favourable odds than available at most other Internet betting sites we do have to pass on some of the costs associated with credit card deposits to you.

Credit card deposits will be debited a 1.9% administration charge.

These charges will be displayed in your account when viewing your account details.

3. Send Cheque

Send a cheque in favour of Interbet Legends Bet to Unit 16, Roeland Square, Roeland Street, Cape Town, 8001.

Please display clearly your name, username and contact number on the back.

As soon as the funds have been cleared we will reflect the credit against your account thereafter you can start betting.

4. Bank Deposit

Visit your nearest Nedbank branch and deposit as follows:

NEDBANK Account name: Interbet Public
Account number: 1232122904
Branch: Business Southern Peninsula
Branch code: 123209
Reference: Please use your Interbet username

Once you have captured the transaction, please fax the confirmation slip to (021) 4616414 or email to support@interbet.co.za.

Third party credit cards, cheques and bank transfers will not be accepted.

Fica Requirements

FICA regulations dictate that Interbet must identify and validate all customers who open an account with Interbet.

Accordingly you will be requested to provide documentary evidence of your identity and residence before you can place a bet with Interbet.

More information regarding the FICA Act can be found at http://www.acts.co.za/fica or www.fic.gov.za .If you fail to comply with FICA requirements Interbet is obliged to refuse to accept that bet from you.

A customer needs to provide the following documents to support@interbet.co.za in order to maintain the relationship:

  1. A certified copy of your ID and contact details
  2. A copy of your utility bill not older than 3 months, as proof of residence.
  3. A copy of a bank statement, not older than 3months.
  4. Under no circumstances will payments be made into a third party account.

Account Withdrawals

To withdraw all or part of your funds select the ‘withdrawal’ option from your account.

If you have not supplied your account details, you will be prompted to do so.

If you have supplied your bank account details you will be prompted to confirm or update. Payments should reflect in your account within 2 to 3 days.

In line with FICA anti money laundering requirements please take note of the following:

Promotional vouchers and free bets are offered for the purpose of betting only. These offers do not apply to existing or former account holders and apply to one registration per household.

Only winnings from free bets may be withdrawn as cash from your account.

A verification deposit will have to be made and wagered at least once through before a withdrawal originating from a no deposit bonus will be paid to you.

You will need to rollover the voucher or credit given 3 times prior to making a withdrawal.

Any bets placed containing selections at odds of less than 8/10 (1.80) will not count towards any rollover requirement.

If Interbet suspects that match fixing has occurred, Interbet reserves the right to withhold all funds on affected accounts and supply all account information to the relevant authorities and/ or refund the relevant bet.

Telephone Betting

The telephone betting service is intended for exceptional circumstances when an Interbet customer cannot access the Internet or cell phone betting service.

This service is only available during regular office hours.

Interbet does not guarantee that bets requested by customers telephonically will be satisfied.

The minimum stake for bets placed telephonically is R100.

All telephone calls will be recorded.

The Interbet telephone operator will call your bets back to you. Please listen carefully as this constitutes the final transaction confirmation – both in the case of confirmed bets and bets on request.

For your own protection do not divulge your pin to any person other than the authorized Interbet staff.

Interbet recommends that customers change their PINs on a regular basis for further protection and security.

To activate your telephone betting account you must log on,click on ‘my profile’ and select a 4 digit PIN.

Telephone betting number 0861 150 160.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute arising between the parties hereto, including but not limited to disputes as to whether a particular trade has been matched or not, then the parties hereby agree that such dispute be settled by way of arbitration.

The parties further hereby agree that the forum for such arbitration shall be the offices of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board situate Seafare House, 68 Orange Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa.

The parties further hereby agree that the Arbitrator shall be the Manager for Horse Racing and Betting of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board or his nominee and that the decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties.

Where such dispute originates in another Province the Manager may, at his discretion refer said dispute to the relevant Provincial Licensing Authority.

Should a dispute be referred to arbitration, then Interbet shall not suspend the disputing client's ability to trade on the system pending the outcome of the arbitration. In such event however, the client shall only be entitled to trade on the system to a maximum potential liability equal to the difference between the amount of any trade/s which form the subject of a dispute and the value of the funds deposited by the disputing client with Interbet.

Privacy Policy

Interbet respects our clients right to privacy and the Privacy Policy describes the type of information gathered and the reasons for holding such data.

By visiting this website, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

If we change our Privacy Policy we will post these changes on this page.

The information we collect from users of this site (usually by means of forms such as the registration and contact forms) is limited to personal details needed for the purpose of business communications, administration, and providing you with promotional offers, for example: your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. We will collect, store, process, transmit or otherwise handle private information only with your knowledge and consent, and we will to the best of our ability ensure such information is not made available to any third party except as required to by law.

In particular the client agrees that access to the system is available to the regulators and as such information is disclosed to the gaming board as required by and envisage in the relevant Acts.

Further information of a non-personal nature may be gathered in the form of cookies or log files (for example, the IP address of your computer, the date and time of your visit, which pages you browsed and whether the pages have been delivered successfully.)

Your IP Address is automatically collected and used for purposes of quality control, diagnosing problems with our server, administration of our web site; to gather demographic information or judge the popularity of our site areas.

Interbet may also use this data in aggregate form to develop customised services If you require access to information on what data is held about you, this can be obtained by contacting us (in accordance with the Promotion of Access to Information Act No. 2 of 2000).

Thank you for reading the above, which is a requirement of the ECT Act of 2002.

Information Supplied

All information supplied ion this website is done so in good faith. However, Interbet does not warrant that all and any information is true and correct and shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in any information, including but not limited to the posting of process, runners, times or general statistics.

Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity

Interbet shall not be held liable for any losses howsoever incurred, including whether or not such loss arose due to the failure of equipment or software owned by the client, or by Interbet operator failure, or the malfunction of the system in any way, or any other cause whatsoever.

Interbet shall also not be held liable for any losses incurred due to the inability of the client to access the system.

Interbet, the owners and operators of this website and any associates shall not be held liable for any loss of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising that may be incurred, directly or indirectly, from:

Including but not limited to loss that has arisen from the failure of equipment or software owned by the client, or by Interbet operator failure, or the malfunction of the system in any way, or any other cause whatsoever.

The client hereby agrees to indemnify Interbet, the owner and operator of this website and any of their respective employees, officers, directors and any and all associated or affiliated persons, associates or organizations and hold them harmless against all and any claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever, that may be made against any of them arising, directly or indirectly from: -

Collection of winning bets

  1. If any winning amount payable by the holder of a bookmaker or totalisator operatorli cence in consequence of a bet is not collected within ninety (90) days of the date on which the outcome thereof was finally determined, such bet shall be payable at the discretion of the relevant licence holder, provided that any tax payable in respect of such a bet shall remain payable, irrespective of whether payment is effected.
  2. The holder of a bookmaker or totalisator operator licence shall, in a prominent position within its licensed premises where it’s licensed premises provides physical access to the public for betting purposes, display a notice informing players that winnings in respect of any bet must be claimed within ninety (90) days of the determination of the outcome of such bet.

Notice: “No more bets”

The holder of a bookmaker or totalisator operator licence shall display in a prominent and visible place on the licensed premises where its licensed premises is open to the public for betting purposes a notice in large legible writing and in permanent ink where bets are offered on horseracing events, stating that:

  1. no bets shall be accepted in respect of a horserace once such horserace has officially started, and
  2. all bets placed on a horserace after the official starting time thereof will be void.